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Enrique Belzuz Larruy

Enrique Belzuz Larruy is President of the Belzuz Firm and currently works in the Madrid offices. He founded the firm in 1958 with a spirit of service based on proximity between client and lawyer, where the quality of work and the integrity of the lawyers were the main pillars, principles which are still present today in the new generation running the office.


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Emilio Daniel Pérez Labrador

Daniel Emilio Pérez joined Belzuz in 1983. He is the senior partner in charge of the department of commercial law and corporate office in Madrid.

His activities cover all areas of practice of his department with special emphasis on agreements and strategic alliances, structural modifications, and so on.

Enrique Belzuz Fernández

Enrique Belzuz Fernández is the managing partner of Belzuz SLP and operates in offices in Madrid, Lisbon and Porto. His practice focuses on commercial law, particularly in the area of contracts, actively participating in the negotiation, drafting and implementation of agreements on issues of particular complexity.

José Garzón García

José Garzón García is a partner in Belzuz SLP and director of the Department of Insurance Law in the defense of all types of judicial and extrajudicial claims, as well as the coordination of insurance issues between the offices of Belzuz Spain and Portugal.

Clara Belzuz Fernández

Clara Belzuz Fernandez is partner and director of the Family Law and Family Business Law department for Spain and Portugal.

Pedro Gómez Rivera

With over 20 years of professional experience, Pedro Gomez is responsible for the Belzuz Labor Lawyers Department.

José Temes Mosquera

José Temes Mosquera joined the firm in June 2018.
He has focused on Insurance Law, Corporate Law, Litigation and Arbitration Law.


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Francisco Rodríguez Bermejo

He develops his professional activities as a lawyer in the labour area, advising to multiple national and international companies from different economic sectors.

Ana Escandell Lucas

Lawyer specialized in Labor and Social Security Law, with professional experience in law firms and in Labor Relations Departments of multinational companies.

Igor Orozco Román

Igor Orozco Román joined Belzuz in 2021. He is associate lawyer belonging to the Department of Commercial and Corporate Law in Madrid office.

Off counsels

Luis Fernando Lopez Chicheri Daban

Luis Fernando López Chicheri

Commercial and Corporate Law

Katia Harling

Katia Harling

Family and Family Business Law

Fernando Moreno de la Santa

Fernando Moreno de la Santa

Administrative Law


Belzuz Abogados - Madrid office

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