Newsletters - 2023

Newsletter Internacional - July-August-2023

July August 2023

  • Portugal - General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption and the definitive installation of "MENAC"
  • Spain - Updated summary of the grounds for nullity of dismissal, including the new features introduced by Royal Decree Law 5/2023
  • Portugal - What has changed with the amendments to the Portuguese Labour Code regarding the duty of information?
  • Spain - A new vision of the action of reimbursement between insurers. Judgment of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court 647/2023, of May 3rd.
  • Portugal - Régime Général de Prévention de la Corruption et installation définitive du " MENAC "
  • Portugal - Les marques, les brevets et les dessins et modèles - Un actif important de l'entreprise
Newsletter Internacional - june 2023


  • Portugal - Unitary Patent System
  • Spain - Challenging corporate resolutions. Challenging the approval of the annual accounts. Steps to follow.
  • Spain - The Supreme Court declares that dismissal for non-reinstatement after IT exhaustion is fair
  • Spain - Can the failure to challenge a document in a proceeding be qualified as professional negligence?
  • Spain - The Supreme Court rules on the interruption of the statute of limitations in accidents at work when there are several defendants.
Newsletter Internacional - abril 2023


  • Portugal - Approval of 2022 Accounts
  • Portugal - Incentives Programme Portugal 2030
  • Portugal - The complaints book and its vast set of obligations
  • Portugal - Unwritten contracts and the application of the Agency Contract Act
  • Portugal - Approbation des Comptes 2022
  • Portugal - Le livre de réclamations et son vaste ensemble d'obligations
  • Portugal - Les contrats non écrits et l'application de la loi sur les contrats d'agence
Newsletter Internacional - abril 2023


  • Spain- AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its impact on the world of law
  • Spain- Essential characteristics and differences between the creation of a "subsidiary" and a "branch" company from the point of view of a potential foreign investor
  • Spain - Damages caused by defective products. Its regulation in Spanish and European Law. Case law on the subject.
  • Find out what are the changes in the level of information reporting that the ASF intends to implement for insurance companies.
  • Spain - Dismissal during the trial period classified as 'null and void', when the worker is on temporary disability
  • Espagne - Caractéristiques et différences essentielles entre la création d'une "filiale" et d'une "succursale" du point de vue d'un investisseur étranger potentiel
Newsletter Internacional - march 2023


  • Portugal - Changes to the advanced payment of rents and new maximum limit for deposits in urban lease agreements
  • Spain- New legal measures to promote the fight against late payment set out in the Crea y Crece Law
  • Spain- The entry into force of the reform of the Trademark Law.
  • Spain - Proportional rule of Art. 10 Insurance Contract Act (LCS) versus termination of the contract by the insurer
  • Portugal - One year of new telework regime. Clarification from the Portuguese Tax Authority on the taxation of additional expenses
  • Spain - Invalid dismissal on grounds of age discrimination.
  • Portugal - Modifications de l'anticipation du paiement du loyer et de la nouvelle limite de plafond pour les prêts dans les contrats de location urbaine
  • Portugal - Un an du nouveau régime de télétravail ; clarification de l'administration fiscale portugaise sur l'imposition des dépenses supplémentaires
Newsletter Internacional - january 2023


  • Spain - Procedure and opportunities related to the international transfer of the Registered Office, (from Spain to Portugal)
  • Portugal - Discovered that your address is wrong before the Portuguese Tax Authority? Learnhow to correct it retroactively.
  • Portugal - Flexibilization of some tax obligations and the e-invoice system.
  • Portugal - The competence of administrative and fiscal courts in judicial cases arising from the execution of Vale Cirurgia
  • Portugal - User rights in the National Health Service - the surgery voucher (Vale Cirurgia)
  • Spain - The right to be forgotten and discrimination in contracting insurance.
  • Portugal - Relevant labour changes - increase of the minimum monthly salary, of the meal allowance and of the Social Support Indexation.
  • Portugal - The right to rest - main aspects to be taken into consideration
  • Spain - The nullity of company reprisals: the guarantee of indemnity in case law.
  • Espagne - Procédure et opportunités liées au transfert international du Siège Social, (de l’Espagne au Portugal)
  • Portugal - Le droit au repos - principaux aspects à prendre en considération



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